Sunflower oil “Bravita” in Cambodia

We present a food product for the Cambodian market- Sunflower oil “Bravita” from Russia. Our Company has exclusive rights for the sale of Sunflower Oil “Bravita” in Cambodia.
Makro supermarket
The sunflower oil “Bravita” consists of 100% natural fats of Sunflower seeds. Natural fats contain no conservatives, additives or preservatives, no taste modifiers. 100% Natural! You can notice this on every original factory bottle label of “Bravita“.
“Nutritional value per 100 g of product: fats 99.9 g”
You can check any other sunflower oil brands label in Cambodia and you will get evidence that 95% other brands add some additives, preservatives, ext.. Continue reading “Sunflower oil “Bravita” in Cambodia”