Prices and Package Types

Our Company sells the Sunflower Oil “Bravita” in Cambodia

The Sunflower oil “Bravita” is produced on 15.12 2020 and the date of expired on 15.06.2022

We provide 3 price levels.

  • Retail Price (not less than 1 box)

Cambotrade price 2021 Eng

  • Dealer Price (not less than 50 boxes)

We provide Dealer price on demand to

  • Wholesale price (not less than 1000 boxes)

We provide Wholesale price on demand to

‚ÄĘPackage Types

Bottled BRAVITA Sunflower Oil is packed in PET bottles with the capacity of 1, 1.8 and 5 litres by the Original Sunflower Factory in Russia.

The PET bottles have several advantages, as they are: transparent, light, solid.

The bottles of BRAVITA Sunflower Oil are easy to use, as they are prominent.