Sunflower oil “Bravita” in Cambodia

We present a food product for the Cambodian market- Sunflower oil “Bravita” from Russia.

Our Company “Emtrade(Cambodia)”  has exclusive rights for the sale of Sunflower Oil “Bravita” in Cambodia and we export Cambodian agricultural products.

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Makro Phnom Pehn supermarket

The sunflower oil “Bravita” consists of 100% natural fats of Sunflower seeds. Natural fats contain no conservatives, additives or preservatives, no taste modifiers.

100% Natural!

You can notice this on every original factory bottle label of “Bravita“.

“Nutritional value per 100 g of product: fats 99.9 g”

You can check any other sunflower oil brands label in Cambodia and you will get evidence that 95% other brands add some additives, preservatives, ext..

Our Company is a direct representative of the DonMasloProduct” factory  with the support of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and the Cambodia chamber of commerce

The DonMasloProduct Factory

That is why we are getting sunflower oil directly a DonMasloProduct”  factory. Besides, we work in Cambodia without market agents (brokering companies), so our price does not overcharge.

It’s the first wholesale supply of the product that is “Made in Russia” to Cambodia.

We provide retail, dealer and wholesale prices, more details at  Prices and Package Types

You can buy our oil directly from our warehouse in PP, Camko city (more details at Contacts).

Fresh original product

The homeland of “BRAVITA” Sunflower Oil is Russia.

Russia is one of the world leaders (the second place) in the production of sunflowers.

We use the best variety of sunflower seeds to produce our sunflower oil.

They are cultivated in the southern regions of Russia.

(the Sunflowers grow at the same Russian region as the Sunflower oil factory, so  it produces Sunflower oil only from fresh  Sunflower seeds). 

Bottled “BRAVITA” Sunflower Oil is packed in PET bottles with a capacity of 1, 1.8 and 5 litres. More detailes at Prices and Package Types”.

For example, 90% of sunflower oils on the Cambodian market are presented from Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Turkey.

However, for geographic reasons the sunflowers don’t grow (or grow in small amounts) in these regions.

You can asked us:

“But, how can these countries (especially, Singapore :)) produce millions of the sunflower oil bottles?”

The answer is very  simple.

The sunflower oil delivery to these countries by bulk cargo. Usually, bulk boat cargo.

So, we are 100% sure, that buying original Russian sunflower oil “Bravita” is produced by an original Russian sunflower oil manufacturer DonMasloProduct , via exclusive Representative (our Company) is more healthy and cheaper then buying sunflower oil from Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore or Turkey.

Made in Russia

This sunflower oil is the first product in Cambodia, that is “Made in Russia”.

90% of Cambodia inhabitants (including expats) never eat Russian foods, so you can buy and taste our delicious sunflower Oil “Bravita” from Russia.

BRAVITA” Sunflower Oil is excellent with any dishes and can be used with all types of product treatment, such as frying, baking or making salads.

ecological and ISo standards

“BRAVITA” is a Refined, Deodorized and Winterized Sunflower Oil that is entirely refined to ensure maximal shelf-life and the lack of flavour.

Our refinery provides oil purification from extraneous impurities, pesticides and oxidation products. The winterization (removal of waxes) ensures oil transparency.

The “BRAVITA” Sunflower Oil has 3 important distinguishing features:

GMO Free

No Cholesterol


The “Bravita” satisfies  the ISO 22000:2005 requirements

Each batch of items used in oil production is supported by the following quality certification deeds:
– “Certificates of Conformity”;
“Certificates of Quantity” stipulating the product indicators according to GOST-Standards.

Our products comply with the provisions of Federal Law No. 90-FZ as of June 24, 2008 and GOST R 52465-2005.

The quality of “BRAVITA” Sunflower Oil complies with the highest European standards.

The ecological standards are strictly preserved in both the cultivation and production processes, making our products ecologically safe.

We care for your health and due to our production technology all of the useful elements provided by the nature, such as vitamins A, E, D and F are present in the sunflower oil “Bravita”.

4 thoughts on “Sunflower oil “Bravita” in Cambodia”

  1. Dear Sir,
    Please sent me list price for export to Cambodia Fob Phnom Penh.

    How many different of volume 1.5l, 2l.. do you get.

    Do you already an exclusive distributor?

    Best regards.

  2. Interested in your refined sunflower oils.
    Packaging:1L and 5L petit bottle
    25L yellow plastic jerry can
    Quotation: FOB price for 20ft container each size.

  3. Please send me prices for your Bravita Sunflower oil in sizes of 1,2,3,5lts pet bottles, CIF Ghana, West Africa.

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